An innovative tool for predicting compressive strength of solid board packaging. Based on bending, edge crushing, shearing and torsion tests of the solid board samples, a virtual material of cardboard is created. After selecting box design from FEFCO catalogue or DXF file and previously created virtual material of cardboard the box compression test (BCT) index is estimated by finite element method.

Acquiring virtual material of cardboard 

  • for determining the virtual material of solid board, scientifically developed methods based on laboratory tests, mathematical algorithms and computer simulations are used; SCT test complies with ISO 9895 standard and TAPPI T826; tension test complies with ISO 1924-2 standard and TAPPI T494
  • creating virtual material requires identification of material parameters, which is carried out  based on precise measurements, built-in advanced reverse algorithms and fast computer simulations
  • creating virtual material is done fully automatic by the sofrware after performing mechanical tests of bending, edge crushing, shearing and torsion

Laboratory device

  • compact and durable construction of measuring devices and high-quality components used for their production guarantee the correctness of the results obtained
  • testing device has an intuitive interface thanks to which communication with a computer database is very easy and fast

Experimental data / database

  • immediate access to project data allows to optimize the design and prototyping process of new packaging designs
  • the system has a friendly and convenient interface for statistical processing of laboratory data, so you can control suppliers or the production process of solid board
  • sending data and reports to other programs
  • personalized interface, thanks to which the system can be used by employees of various departments, for example sales department, design department or quality control department
  • measurement data obtained from laboratory devices are available in the cloud
  • based on a simple and easily accessible database of materials / products / constructions, it is possible to prepare instant offers

BCT determination / calculation module

  • determination of box strength for typical and geometrically complex packaging designs
  • an extensive database of FEFCO models included
  • built-in translators to import projects from standard packaging design programs (e.g. ArtiosCAD, Impact, etc.)
  • automatic matching of the optimal solid board index for the required BCT index of the box
  • innovative and certified software for designing cardboard packaging