ect / edge crush test system

Compact laboratory equipment that determines edgewise compressive strength of corrugated cardboard with flutes positioned vertically. The machine is measuring an edge crush resistance of the cardboard sample by applying force perpendicular to the axis of the flutes. Single-, double-, or triple-wall corrugated cardboard may be tested.

Main features

  • the edge crush test (ECT) procedure according to DIN EN ISO 3037
  • the compression plates of the device are also suitable for flat compression test (FCT)
  • precise measurement system allow to obtain accurate and reliable results of ECT/FCT
  • LCD touch panel allows to check the result and watch the graph of force-displacement curve immediately
  • statistical data from the series of tests is available on LCD panel

Technical specification 

  • device dimensions: 244 x 246 x 327 mm
  • device weight: 7 kg
  • sample dimensions: 100 x 25 mm
  • accuracy of force measurement: < 0.07 gr
  • accuracy of displacement measurement: < 0.01 mm
  • power voltage: 240V
  • communication: USB