bse / box compression estimation system

    • an innovative system for predicting compressive strength of corrugated board packaging,
    • based on bending, shearing, twisting and edge crushing tests of the corrugated board samples, a material database is created,
  • on the basis of the delivered packaging design and previously calculated material parameters – the BCT index is calculated.

acquiring material parameters / laboratory devices

    • for determining the material parameters of corrugated board, scientifically developed methods based on laboratory tests, mathematical algorithms and computer simulations were used,
    • compact and durable construction of measuring devices, and high-quality components used for their production guarantee the correctness of the results obtained,
    • system has an intuitive interface thanks to which communication with a computer database is very easy, fast and pleasant,
  • identification of material parameters is carried out fully automatically based on precise measurements, built-in advanced reverse algorithms and fast computer simulations.

experimental data / database

    • measurement data obtained from laboratory devices are available in the cloud,
    • the system has a personalized interface, thanks to which it can be used by employees of various departments, for example sales department, design department or quality control department,
    • based on a simple and easily accessible database of materials / products / constructions, it is possible to prepare instant offers,
    • immediate access to project data, allows to accelerate and optimize the design and prototyping process of new packaging designs,
    • the system has a very friendly and convenient interface for statistical processing of laboratory data, so you can control suppliers or the production process of corrugated board,
  • BSE allows sending data and reports to other programs.

BCT determination / calculation module

    • the system uses innovative and certified software for designing cardboard packaging,
    • BSE allows reliable determination of box strength, both for typical and geometrically complex packaging designs,
    • the system allows you to automatically match the optimal corrugated board index for the required BCT box,
    • BSE has built-in translators to import projects from standard packaging design programs (eg ArtiosCAD, Impact, etc.),
  • the system includes an extensive database of FEFCO models.